I am an experienced narrator and producer with 70 titles for sale in various genres, representing over 350 hours of audio.

It is my priority that the author or publisher (my client) is happy with my performance.  It is a momentous task to give voice to a book.

I am an insatiable reader of books, and it is a near-magical dream come true for me to be able to read books for a living!

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historical fiction

A beautiful young woman disappears in Elizabeth City and turns up apparently drowned. An intense court drama unfolds as the community seeks retribution at the cost of justice.

I love Nicholas Nicastro’s historical fiction, and this is a vivid and gritty true crime with many rich themes and lush writing, taking place in the rapid cultural changes of the century’s turn.

juvenile fiction

This is a delightful dual POV story of a little girl at her parents’ cottage whose current greatest ambition is to be allowed to canoe farther, and the loon couple raising their loonlings on the lake in the wildlife community. Sometimes, their stories intersect! Dramatic, sensitive, well-written, FUNNY, and realistic. This author knows her loons.


So very honoured to be able to voice the memoir of the extraordinary Tricia Downing, paraplegic Ironman athlete and founder of the Cycle of Hope foundation.

It's an emotional story of her injury, recovery, and journey to becoming a trailblazing athlete in a sport (and life) entirely new to her.

on air.jpg

A book that’s a movie! (Definitely a horror movie.)

A young girl escapes from an institution, and a series of brutal murders begins. A former investigator is tracking her down, but nothing is as perceived.

It was uncanny how the whole time I was reading, I was seeing the action unfold on a screen in my mind.

This is a bit of a departure for me - a psychological thriller. Do I have a horror movie voice??



This is an utterly shocking, horrific memoir from a man, now a doctor and counselor, whose childhood was filled with astonishing sexual abuse and constant violence.

Tremendously painful to read, and while it breathtaking to absorb that the perpetrator got away with literal murder and more, what is most amazing is that the author survived, and retained humanity.